Our dogs and we

Our dogs live with us as family members. During the day they are spending a lot of time outsides (like we, too), playing in their  fenced playing area and dog house (unfortunately the fence was necessary, because with 3 or more dogs there will grow no grass anymore if you let them play everywhere). And we walk each of them two to three times a day - even when it is only 15 to 30 minutes each time. In the evening we take them with us into our house where they are spending some nice hours with us and our cats and where they are sleeping during the nights.
WinterspaziergangFor us, keeping and breeding dogs is a hobby, which doesn't meant that we do not breed for quality and don't approach breeding with a serious attitude. Our breeding goal are not only beautyful Irish Wolfhounds according to the standard with correct and functional anatomy. We care at least as much for good temperament and health, because we feel that those are the most important points in everyday's life with a dog. First of all we arre breeding for ourselves and only then, when we are planning to keep a puppy out of the litter - we don't breed for selling puppies (although we unfortunately have to). That's why we breed only every one or two years and each of our girls should have not more than one or maximum two litters in her live. So we have to plan our litters and select breeding stock very carefully. We try to find males who are harmonizing with our bitches as much as possible. For reaching this goal, there is no way too far and no effort too big. Our dogs are examined for hip dysplasia and regulary for heart diseases. Since July, 1st, heart tests are a must in the DWZRV (German breed club within the VDH) for Irish Wolfhound breeding stock; like many other breeders, we already started with it already in 1996, on a voluntary basis.
Aideen und MerlinNo serious breeder can give you a guarantee for his/her hounds, for their health or longevity, because genetics is following its own (and often still unknown) rules. But we can say that we are trying to do everything we can and according to the actual science standard, to reach our goal: good temperamented, healthy, sound and beautyful hounds with a hopefully good longevity. 
For not only giving a good genectical potential to our puppies, we also take a lot of care on   rearing our puppies (at the moment only available in German, but a lot of nice puppy photos who might already explain a bit our efforts on this subject).

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